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Zoe's Restaurant

We headed across the river to a marvelous wonderland known as "Zoe's". Zoe's is a huge authentic Greek diner right in Harvard Square. This is the kind of place where every booth and bar stool are filled and the piles of food on each table makes you drool. The menu is huge, just as you'd expect from a diner and the prices follow suit, nearly everything is under $10. The food itself is tasty and excessively filling. The homefries are amazing, which is surprising since they are kind of like a mush consistency; but they put something in them that makes your taste buds explode, it's awesome. The food quality is certainly nothing to boast about, but then again this is a diner not a five star restaurant. They don't have hard alcohol here so no bloodys but the mimosas come in a variety of flavors and are really good (we recommend the pineapple one)!

Alie Sockol
Alie square