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Zachary's Diner

Zachary’s Diner in Stoughton is unassuming from the outside, and with its strip mall location, you can barely even tell it’s a restaurant! The inside is a little cozier than your typical diner, with homey decorations that fit right in with the friendly service. The menu is extremely large, with just about every breakfast staple you could think of. Eggs cooked every possible way, all types of gooey and sugary carbs, and even some healthy veggie and egg white options. We love that Zachary’s has strayed from only offering breakfast basics like some diners do; some dishes that stood out to us include the Chicken Egg White Burrito, the Steak Bomb Omelet, and the Blueberry Muffin French Toast. Portion sizes are borderline overwhelming—but in a good way! There was way too much food for us to even finish. The omelets probably are most impressive in size. We tried the Mexican Omelet, which comes with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and is absolutely covered in fresh salsa. All omelets are accompanied with home fries that could definitely be cooked a little longer and seasoned a bit more. We also tried the Trio French toast, which is an enormous portion size. The toast is cooked with blueberries and then topped with strawberries and bananas. This dish has fantastic flavors (clearly) but it came pre-topped with syrup so everything ended up being a little soggy. Prices here are fantastic; everything falls under $9, with the exception of a few steak dishes. Come to Zachary’s for cozy, casual and cheap brunch!

Leigh Fishback
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