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Whiskey's Boston

You know those Sunday mornings where your first waking thought is "$@&# I can't move" and your second is "gimme food and coffee NOW"? Take a minute, roll over, put on those sweatpants and, ready for it,'s. We assure you, this will not only provide a judgement free zone for hungover 18-40something year-olds (yes we see you 40 something-year-olds slouching at the bar, ain't no shame in it), but you will leave less likely to vomit at any moment and more likely to be somewhat productive later on in the day. Here's why...they start you off with the most delicious endless coffee ever. Next, while you're sipping this caffeinated goodness you'll open the menu and see that every single thing in there is exactly what you want and need. You may get overwhelmed, that's okay. Then, you'll discover that not only is the menu massive with options like stacks of every kind of pancake and eggs imaginable plus combos like French toast w steak (what!!!!!!), but equally exciting, everything is under $10ish with most dishes between $6-$8. When the food comes, regardless of what you decide on, you'll find that it's greasy in the absolute best way and tastes so good. It basically melts in your mouth in this balance of greasy, well-seasoned, fluffiness. Then insert the homefries, which are perfectly seasoned, also greasy in the best way, and plentiful. So, Whiskey's brunch we meet again, and yet again you've rejuvenated us without breaking our wallets or judging us. We love you for that! Oh and P.S they have massive Bloody Marys for $8 😉.

Alie Sockol
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