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Veggie Galaxy

So this place is amazing... From the authentic diner feel to the homemade ketchup. The staff is friendly and gives the "I actually like my job" vibe, so right from the get-go the experience is positive. Then enter the menu, which is fully loaded with all sorts of egg and carb options plus a pretty sweet "create your own" situation. The food itself is nothing short of yeahhhhh buddy good. We're talking possibly the best homefries we've had good. And those pancakes, well let's just say we didn't leave a crumb, so yeah they are pretty good too. The ingredients are fresh and the portion sizes are huge. If you can't fathom eating your brunch without meat, this might not be the place for you because as the name suggests Veggie Galaxy is entirely vegetarian/vegan. But, we have a "try everything at least once" attitude and suggest giving this place a try even if you are a carnivore. To top it off the prices are wicked reasonable.

Alie Sockol
Alie square