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Urban cantina
Urban Cantina

We stumbled upon this place in the North End while looking for Ferrara's (which is now closed). The menu is medium-large sized with many unique and tasty options, all with a Mexican twist. Pictured here are the salmon scramble and caprese scramble. The eggs are fluffy, fresh and flavorful, and it is evident that the food quality is high. The homefries are pretty average and don't really add or subtract from the meal. We also had a side of sausage, which we recommend avoiding! The portions are appropriate and so you'll leave satisfyingly full, but not needing to be rolled home, if you catch our drift. Prices are good with most items falling under $15 and everything else under $20. The restaurant vibe is classy and makes for an overall enjoyable brunch experience.

Alie Sockol
Alie square