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Trident Booksellers and Cafe

This gem of a place is one of the more unique spots we've found. From the outside it looks like a tiny cafe that sells books, but once you step inside you see the enormity and charm of it. It is a full book store with a cafe that wraps up and around it. The menu is massive, filled with pages upon pages of delectable brunch options, smoothies, teas, fresh juices, etc. It's a perfect spot to come for a solo brunch or with a group of people. If you do come alone we recommend nabbing a seat by the windows for the excellent people watching. The food quality is high and the taste of everything follows suit. You have to pay for homefries as a side charge, which is a tad disappointing and does jack up the meal cost a bit. But overall, the prices are fine; not cheap but not outrageous. If you haven't already tried Trident get your bum over to the Back Bay and check it out!

Alie Sockol
Alie square