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Toro is a Spanish tapas restaurant located in the charming South End. Vibe? Hipster. They definitely do brunch differently than most here. While the large menu is filled mainly with tapas more appropriate for lunch, they do have a small breakfast-focused section (desayunos). It contains only egg dishes, ranging from a twist on juevos rancheros, to chilaquiles, scrambled eggs, or fried eggs with sausage. Other than the egg dishes that speak for themselves, we had no idea what to expect when placing our orders. For example, the tortilla Española is described as an omelet with potato and onion, but came out looking like a quiche. We thought the “escalivada catalana” (smoked eggplant with onions, peppers and tomatoes) would be a veggie dish, but it looks like chili. We’re happy that mimosas are made the same in most cultures! All language barriers aside, everything here is absolutely delicious. The maíz asado con alioli & cotija (roasted corn with aioli and cheese) was recommended to us as a house special, and it did NOT disappoint. This dish is to die for. It’s one of the most decadent corn dishes we’ve ever had, and the thick, savory topping of aioli, cheese, and spices is heavenly. The chilaquiles de pollo is a “desayuno” and is served as a huge platter with tortilla chips, chicken, cotija cheese, avocado, and a sunny egg. The chips are fresh baked, and while most are crispy, some are soaked with the cheese and runny yolk. SO GOOD. Prices and portions completely vary depending on the type of the dish you order, but if we had to average it out, most dishes are on the smaller side and still fall around $12. Regardless, the uniqueness here is something every brunch lover needs to experience.

Leigh Fishback
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