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Top of the Hub

There is one reason to come to Top of the Hub for brunch and you're looking at it right here baby; views! While there are other places to brunch and be wined and dined, absolutely nothing compares to the atmosphere at Top of the Hub. The entire restaurant gives off a relaxing, no-worries vibe and the views are unbeatable. The menu is a three course pre-fixed filled with a decent assortment of food options for $42 (not including drinks). The quality of the food is high but the taste is not particularly spectacular. We mean it's not bad, but truthfully it's pretty average tasting food. One of our potatoes for example, wasn't even all the way cooked. Because you get three separate courses the portions as a whole are large and you will definitely leave full. This helps justify the $70 bucks you'll drop for the brunch and a drink. Plus, the food is plated to perfection (Instagram perfect food pics worthy) and you'll without a doubt be treated like the brunch royalty you are while dining, which we obvi appreciate. So, despite the relatively average tasting food we still recommend trying brunch at Top of the Hub because after all, we all deserve to be Brunch Kings and Queens every now and again.

Alie Sockol
Alie square