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The Paramount South Boston

The Paramount is a casual, cafeteria-style restaurant with locations in Beacon Hill and Southie. We dined in Southie, and the vibe is perfect for either a group brunch (if you can snag a table), or a quick solo meal. Their menu is relatively large, with a good proportion of carb, egg, and lighter options. They have a decent sized omelet selection, along with some breakfast staples such as juevos rancheros, waffles, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches. The buttermilk pancakes are thick and fluffy, and we highly recommend an addition of melty chocolate chips. They’re delicious but nothing life-changing. However, we're obsessed with the Grilled Chorizo Omelet. This dish is absolutely huge—we promise there’s an omelet underneath all that guac and pico-de-gallo. The omelet itself isn’t light and fluffy, but instead the eggs are crispy and a little brown, seemingly pressed on a flat top. It’s different but we like it, and it still overflows with chorizo, melted pepper jack cheese, and black bean salsa. With the addition of Cajun home fries on the side, you’ll have spicy fireworks going off inside your mouth after this meal. The home fries themselves are seasoned well and the Cajun kick is a nice twist; they’re also VERY burnt and crunchy. All the ingredients here are fresh, and the staff cooks each meal out in the open so you can see it from start to finish. We can’t say enough about these portions—you’ll need an immediate nap after brunch because you’ll be so full. To top the Paramount brunch experience off, prices are amazing, with dishes averaging at around $9

Leigh Fishback
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