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The Friendly Toast Back Bay

The Friendly Toast opened their Back Bay location about a year ago and in following suit with the Kendall location it is constantly packed. Fortunately they use No Wait, an app that allows you to put your name in line for a table and monitor how many people are ahead of you- GENIUS. The atmosphere is similar to the Kendall location with a true retro diner feel, bright colors and antiques throughout and fun fifties style booths. The menu is also in a retro style and is huge with multitudes of options ranging from sweets, carbs, protein packed, gluten free, vegan and just about anything else one could want. Fortunately they also have an entire brunch drink menu so you can sip on bloodys (or whatever you like) while you review the menu choices. We went with a gf blueberry pancake, gf shredded coconut and chocolate pancake, Greek scramble, lobster Benny, and BLT Benny. Across the board the portion sizes are large and the food quality is good; slightly higher than your average diner-type. The pancakes are AMAZING and definitely steal the show. They are perfectly dense yet fluffy and filled with an incredible amount of toppings. The blueberry pancakes are sweet with a hint of tartness from the overflowing blueberries. The coconut chocolate pancakes are one of the better pancakes we've had. The shredded coconut adds a contrasting texture to the fluffiness of the pancake that's a tantalizing surprise to the tongue. Then insert the chocolate chips, which only further enhance the deliciousness of the cakes. No syrup needed here! The lobster Benedict is disappointing, mostly because the lobster is not tender and tastes a bit rubbery. Noted; diners and lobster don't mix. The BLT Benny however is much better. The bacon is perfectly cooked to be both crispy and chewy, and despite the heaps of (delicious) bacon the entree tastes light and healthy because of the large quantities of fresh spinach and tomato. The poached egg on top also is well done with just the right amount of drippy yolk 👌. The Greek scramble tastes fresh, hearty, and well seasoned. We especially like how fluffy the eggs are. The homefries aren't your typical potato chunks. Instead they are thinly sliced and not crispy or well seasoned enough for us. The prices are also reasonable with everything falling under $15. Overall, if you have the time to wait, The Friendly Toast in the Back Bay is a must try for a family-Friendly, casual or boozy brunch.

Alie Sockol
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