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The Fireplace

The Fireplace is a bright and lively place for one to find them self on a Sunday. The dining room is full but not in a jammed-packed stuffy way, more a cheerful, cozy way with a warm vibe. The menu is of medium size with a good variety of traditional and unique brunch options. We ordered the Honey Almond Pancakes and the Eggs Any Style. Immediately upon the food arriving, it's evident why the restaurant is so packed; this stuff is good! The pancakes are thick and fluffy with a delicious dollop of apple butter on top...YUM! The eggs are fresh and tasty and most notably the homefries are ridiculous; perfectly seasoned and crispy with peppers and onions mixed in. We're talking fire-flames homefries, none of that "made three hours ago and sitting on the griddle" shit. Food quality is clearly a strong suit here. The portion sizes are large and the prices are reasonable too. As an added plus, they're very "allergy friendly" so bring your gluten free/dairy free friends.

Alie Sockol
Alie square