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Delaney house
The Delaney House

If you find yourself out in Western Mass for a weekend, be sure to check out The Delaney House in Holyoke. It’s located in a gorgeous New England-esque house and attached to a ritzy hotel. In addition to a couple classy dining rooms, there are also secluded rooms located upstairs and throughout the building for private diving. Something to note about Sunday brunch here is that there is no menu. The brunch is a flat-rate, self-serve buffet that is HUGE; they definitely don’t skimp out. There’s an entire breakfast section, a chef-made omelet station, a lunch food area, and a huge spread of desserts and pastries. The breakfast options are mostly typical favorites like scrambled eggs, meats, French toast, fruit, etc. One of the standout options is the benedict. The egg sits on top of a buttery biscuit, and the hollandaise is extremely decadent and cheesy. The omelet station provides a nice diversity to the buffet style atmosphere, and chefs create the made-to-order omelets in front of you. Our favorite has to be the pastry/bread table though; it’s a lavish display of croissants, cream puffs, muffins, pudding, etc. You can tell everything is made fresh, and tastes like it’s straight out of the oven. It’s tough to maintain high food quality when you’re serving a buffet, so while everything is tasty, there’s not a ton of flair or uniqueness with any of the entrée dishes. The service here is above and beyond. We asked for one mimosa and instead were served literally an entire jug rather than a regular champagne glass, just because the waiter thought we’d want more for the table (extra was on the house). The price for brunch is a flat rate of $25 for adults, but keep in mind, this is unlimited food. Plan to come hungry, because portions are obviously what you make them!

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