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Temple Bar

Temple Bar is an upscale American bar located in Cambridge that has a similar feel to downtown restaurants Bostonia Public House and State Street Provisions. The space is open, clean and classy with a fabulous library style bar. The brunch menu is medium in size and offers American classics with a twist like soufflé pancakes and red flannel hash. They also have an array of brunch cocktails that are so good we each ordered two 😜. Order the Strawberry Alarm Clock, it tastes like a strawberry margarita slushy. The Bloody Mary is also exceptionally good, so when you're done time traveling back to spring break '10 give one of them a try. For food we started with the ricotta donuts followed by the red flannel hash, breakfast sandwich and the omelette. The donuts are light and fluffy with a perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture. The omelette is one of the fluffiest we've had and filled to the brim with vegetables and goat cheese. It taste fresh and delicious and is further complimented by the homefries, which are not as crispy as we usually want, but are very well seasoned. The breakfast sandwich is a nice take on the classic. It comes with a homemade biscuit that is super fresh but we don't love it's square shape, which makes the sandwich a tad difficult to eat. The contents inside are delicious though and we love that the sausage isn't greasy 👌. The red flannel hash is a home run. It's a corned beef hash with two poached eggs on top and beets mixed throughout. The meat itself is super high quality and tender, more like a brisket than traditional corned beef. The horseradish sauce on top is everything. The portion sizes are pretty average, leaving us satisfied but not engorged. Prices are slightly below average with most items falling around $10. Overall this is a great brunch spot for a yummy meal, delicious drinks and a cool vibe.

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