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Sunset Cantina

This restaurant is huge, so we were hopeful the brunch menu would follow suit. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The menu is limited with most items being slight variations of one another, and if you aren't an egg and meat person there's very little here for you. We arrived hungry so the long wait for the food wasn't ideal, but it did make the large portion size extra appreciated. The breakfast fajitas, pictured here, are tasty but definitely not "farm to table" quality as they are greasy and the toppings look to be from a can or something equivalent. The prices are a bit higher than expected ($12ish for the eggs fajitas), which seems like a lot considering they are basically just a bunch of scrambled eggs. Given the general "Cancun spring break" vibe of this place we're guessing it's a better scene for day drinking or dinner and that brunch just isn't their strongest suit.

Alie Sockol
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