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We have to say brunch at Sonsie is a bit of a let-down. The large airy windows gazing out to Newbury Street are inviting and the crowds of people bustling through on a Sunday afternoon give the false hope that the brunch here is exceptional. Instead the space is way over-crowded and subsequently the service suffers. It feels like an eternity for the food and even coffee to come out! That being said there are other important components of brunch that redeem Sonsie's hectic vibe. The menu is of hefty size and offers a nice variety of options including gluten free suggestions, which is a nice additive. The quality of the food is also very high and clearly fresh and prepared by proper chefs. The portion size is relatively average, although not all egg dishes come with homefries, which we frankly don't understand! The food taste is also pretty average; nothing outstanding but it suffices. The prices are on the higher end of normal but not totally outrageous, with most meals being around $15. The coffee and the bevys are very good; we especially like that they offer soy and almond milk for the coffee too. We also appreciate the complimentary mini muffins and coffee cake they provide the table before the meal comes out 👌🏼.

Alie Sockol
Alie square