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Rifrullo Cafe

Rifrullo is a bright and airy café in Brookline. The vibe is very funky-chic, with popping colors and modish décor throughout the space, almost giving off a vintage 70’s feel. Their breakfast food is served every day until 11am, except for Sunday when it’s served all day. While the size of the menu isn’t impressive (only six “entrées”), the uniqueness certainly is. Included in those “entrees” is an organic kale and carrot smoothie, along with a spinach breakfast salad tossed with eggs and bacon. Like we said, unique. Everything is just under $10, which would normally be awesome, if not for the mismatched portion sizes of the dishes. We left ready to go to another restaurant for brunch round 2. Even for a café, it is surprising how empty the plates look. That’s not to say the food isn't good—it is. The Cypress, pictured here, is a unique breakfast sandwich served on a sweet brioche bun, with organic egg, cheddar, bacon, avocado, and a deliciously savory kale-pesto spread. The brioche is soft and airy, and the kale pesto combined with everything is music to our taste buds. The Heath, also pictured, combines sliced/smashed avocado on toasted sourdough, with sprinkled scallion and just the right amount of salt. But check out the picture—could we have at least gotten two slices of toast for our $5?? Plus, not to be picky but the avocado was a bit brown, too. That being said, Rifrullo Cafe is doing a lot of things right, so if you're looking for a lighter, more unique meal, check it out.

Leigh Fishback
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