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Petit Robert Bistro

This review is solely for the Petit Robert Bistro in Needham, we have not tried the South End one yet and they have a different brunch menu. That being said, here we go... Starting with the positives, the atmosphere here is very good. On a warm sunny day, the patio is delightful and if it's not so nice out, the inside provides a French flare vibe that's clean and very "chichi". The menu is very small and offers only a few viable brunch options. The entrees and salads etc are better suited for lunch, so if you're with a mixed group (some wanting breakfast food and some wanting lunch) this place could work. The food itself is fresh but as you can see, is served more as though it's dinner. The omelette comes with roasted veggies and a halved red potato for crying out loud; I mean come on at least give French fries if you're going to skip out on homefries (it is a French bistro after all)! The brunch food tastes fresh but isn't anything to make your mouth salivate and the portion size is nothing to boast about. The prices are fine.

Alie Sockol
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