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Pavement Coffeehouse


Pavement Coffeehouse is strategically located near all of the colleges throughout the city. It is perfect for college students who want something cheap, good and quick to make. Perfect for when those Sunday Scaries need to be cured ASAP. Not only is Pavement Coffeehouse known for their delicious bagels, but their coffee hits the spot as well. They offer just about anything from iced/hot coffee, espresso and tea. Not to mention, they offer dairy-free milk options - BONUS! In terms of bagels, they offer a wide variety such as plain, multigrain, and jalapeño to name a few. They are made fresh daily and you can either spice it up with cream cheese, fresh veggies or make a sandwich out of here. Pictured here is the Sunrise Veggie with Egg, Cheddar, Tomato and Spinach on a Multigrain Bagel. All we can say is WOW! The ingredients used are so fresh that you don’t feel disgusting afterwards. We wish we could start every morning off with this. Not into bagels? No worries. The Fenway location does offer a small selection of pastries and yogurt with granola but bagels are more of their thing. The bagels are pretty cheap with it costing $1.25 for as is, an additional $3 for a spread and around $7 for a sandwich. Pavement Coffeehouse has five additional locations: Newbury, Gainsborough, Commonwealth, Allston and Boylston.

*not comparable to full brunch restaurant, rating based on experience for coffee shop

Caroline Pacewicz
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