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Mel's Commonwealth Cafe

We ventured out to the burbs for this one and were in high hopes of a wholesome, delicious brunch. The scene is adorable; a family friendly diner-style breakfast/lunch/brunch spot perfect for a brunch date w grandma or your "married with kids friends". We had neither with us, so maybe that set us up for failure. Upon being seated we noticed our coffee mugs were borderline filthy so, we actually think that's what set Mel's up for failure, but who knows. So let's highlight some positives about this place. The menu is huge and in typical diner fashion covers all the main brunch food groups and the prices are on point with being "on a budget" friendly. Unfortunately they don't seem to be too adaptable if you need to mix up your order a bit, so for example don't try to get some veggies instead of home fries, this just ain't that type of place. The food itself tastes pretty sub-par. The pancakes are too doughy, making them difficult to eat without chugging water at the same time and the eggs are flat with what we guess are frozen veggies inside 😏. Perhaps the most disappointing thing of all, is that the homefries are mushy as f@*% and not particularly well seasoned. They also don't have booze, which is somewhat understandable given this is a family diner, but also just like come on! So in summary, if you live in the burbs with some kiddos, this is a totally fine place to get out of the house for affordable brunch. But, if you're someone who cares that your brunch be of good quality and taste and enjoys a Bloody Mary while eating it, this certainly is not the place for you.

Alie Sockol
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