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Max Brenner

We had high hopes for Max Brenner's brunch because, well, we love chocolate and the concept of dipping breakfast food in chocolate is genius. The restaurant is designed to look like a chocolate factory, including an old-school milkshake bar (that's a full service bar) and a shop inside. We had a reservation so we were immediately seated, but then... The trouble began. The service here is outrageously slow, we mean to the point that after twenty minutes we had to ask for a server because ours was still MIA. This trend continued throughout the meal as our server repeatedly avoided eye contact and we'd have to hunt her down for simple things like water, ketchup etc. so we'll go with, the service is less than ideal here. The food is also nothing too special. While we have to admit we didn't order any sweet carbs, which is probably more of their specialty, the eggs are pretty sub-par. The portion sizes are nice and large, but the ingredients don't taste particularly fresh and the food itself isn't excitingly good. We mean, look at those homefries, they are soggy and sad looking! To their credit though, the chocolate dip is amazing and the biscuit drizzled with chocolate is delicious. Not pictured is a side order of waffle fries we got to accompany the meal and they were bomb. Definitely get them as a side if you come, they're make up for the homefries. That is until the bill comes... The prices here are high, especially for what you get. And to top it off, the Bloody Mary isn't very good either. It's super spicy, but thin and has nothing in it except the thin drink mix and two olives. #lame. We should mention that although we don't recommend brunch here for the masses, it would be a fun place to take kids because of the chocolate factory ambiance and irrelevance of Bloody Mary quality.

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