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Johnny's Luncheonette

Johnny's is one of the most authentic and long standing diners we've found in the burbs. Class pictures dating back to the fifties of the local middle schools hang throughout the restaurant, as do typical diner wall art and decor. The menu is absolutely massive and filled with some unique Jewish additions like challah French toast, lox, matzah and eggs, and of course every sort of deli meat under the sun (except maybe ham). The portion sizes are pretty large. The food itself is sort of what you'd expect from a diner; not particularly high quality or exceptionally delicious, but it does the trick. The homefries for example are not quite crispy enough, but we still ate them all 🙄.The prices are also just about what you'd expect from a diner, if not slightly higher. This is a great spot for kids because there's endless booths, a massive menu, and reasonable prices. Plus, kids don't care if the food quality is mediocre. And, they don't serve booze here so there won't be any drunken ass holes causing a scene 👌🏼

Alie Sockol
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