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Il Molo

Il Molo is not your typical North End restaurant. Known for its oysters and Italian-influenced seafood, we knew that as soon as their brunch menu debuted it was going to be a necessity to try ASAP. Il Molo’s modern flair and gorgeous aquatic-inspired décor is almost a breath of fresh air, allowing diners to step away from the bustle of Hanover Street and the more traditional Italian restaurants. The space is a comfortable size, exuding an ideal mix of cozy yet elegant. This brunch menu has to be one of our favorites. It’s large, and has a mixture of classic brunch favorites like waffles/pancakes that rotate daily and steak & eggs, along with some unique dishes like the avocado sandwich or the TBE. We started the meal with a bloody and the Rise and Shine, a delicious and necessary combo of coffee, Irish cream, and whipped cream. We also couldn’t resist a few appetizers, and chose the rotating sweet breads (a huge cinnamon roll and a sticky bun) as well as mini lobster rolls. These lobster rolls are hands down the best we’ve had. They’re the perfect serving size to start a meal, and although not a usual brunch item, at Il Molo this is a requirement if you dine. The bread is perfectly crispy and buttery, and the lobster chunks are huge, oozing out flavor with each bite. Next came entrees. First, let us be clear—the avocado sandwich is not actually a sandwich. Designed only for true avocado lovers, two halves of an avocado act as the bread slices of the “sandwich”, and encompass tomato, onion, and bacon. All served over a bed of smoked salmon, this has got to be one of the most stunningly-presented, and delicious brunch dishes we’ve ever had. The other entrees dont disappoint either. The TBE (tomato, bacon, egg) is a twist on eggs benedict, with tomato acting as what would normally be the English muffin, topped with a poached egg and a decadent pesto hollandaise. The entrée portion sizes are all huge. You will leave here feeling the definition of “fat and happy”. Given the insanely high quality of all ingredients used in each aspect of our meal, everything is more than affordable, with the average entrée falling right around $15-$16.

Leigh Fishback
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