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Hawthornes Cafe

Hawthorne's is a gem in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Philadelphia. There are large windows looking out to the street patio, sofas for getting cozy on and fresh hanging plants throughout. With their expansive craft beer offering the vibe is part hipster beer garden, part established neighborhood kitchen. The menu is of medium size and filled with a mix of carb, egg, and meat options like a variety of omelets, stack o pancakes, and steak and eggs, to name a few. We started with two of their spicy bloody Mary's, a mimosa and the breakfast nachos followed by the 11th street omelet and two breakfast sandwiches with pork roll. The breakfast nachos are the most unique we've had; they come with homemade chips smothered in ground sausage, cheese and bean salad and then topped with scrambled eggs. We love how high quality the ingredients are, which is a surprising find for nachos. The rest of the food follows suit with exceptional quality reflected in the meat, fresh vegetables and fluffy eggs. Even the bread tastes freshly baked. The eggs on the breakfast sandwich are scrambled instead of the traditional over easy, which adds to the light feel of the dish. The homefries are also very good and have a Cajun flare to them. The texture of them is a refreshing mix of variant crispness; some pieces are mushy, others medium and some full on crisp. The omelet also carries a Cajun vibe and has a nice kick to it. The portion sizes are perfectly large, leaving us satisfied and full but not so full that we needed to be rolled home. Prices are pretty standard with everything falling between $10-$15.

Alie Sockol
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