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Gather is a waterfront restaurant in the Seaport area. With floor to ceiling windows, the space is gorgeous and bright, decorated with trendy lighting and an overall industrial feel. Their brunch menu has a great amount of diversity, with a wide selection of starters, entrees, and brunch-influenced sandwiches. Entrees range from classic egg dishes like steak & eggs, all the way to basically dessert with the fluffernutter-stuffed French toast. The chicken and waffles bites are a must to start with, especially if you’re a fan of the taste but don’t want a whole entrée of it. They’re crunchy, sweet, and delicious, and drizzled with a light but flavorful gravy sauce. The market vegetable omelet has great potential for how many ingredients are included (peas, tomato, asparagus, cauliflower, shallots, etc.) but it ends up being kind of bland. The eggs are nothing special and the veggies don't add much flavor either, but at least all ingredients taste straight from the garden. Plus with a little salt and pepper, all is well. The home fries are bomb—they’re crunchy yet buttery, making them melt in your mouth. The blueberry pancakes are delicious too, and absolutely enormous. If someone can finish that entire dish of pancakes we salute you. The Eggs Florentine is a benedict with spinach, tomato, and a fabulous hollandaise sauce. Only downside here is that the English muffin is barely toasted, and also this dish weirdly doesn’t come with any side; no home fries or anything. Aside from that dish, portion sizes here are great, and definitely enough to fill you up. Prices are slightly more than average, with most entrees falling around $15.

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