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Fuel America

Fuel America Café in Brighton is a great place to come for a simple or fast brunch experience. The atmosphere is very industrial-chic, and it’s a perfect place for solo diners or a group of friends. It’s very laptop-friendly too. Even though the drink/coffee menu here is extensive, the breakfast food menu is unfortunately pretty small. There are a few different mouth-watering toast options, two omelet sandwiches, and an egg & cheese sandwich. Luckily there are some fruit smoothies too, along with organic juice blends like Cucumber-Ginger or Basil Orange-Lime. The toast options really struck our eyes (even though no avo toast!); the toppings range from Nutella and bananas, peanut butter and bananas, or a ricotta and honey toast with mint and sunflower seeds. We ended up going with the Memphis toast (Nutella and bananas) and the egg and cheese on pressed ciabatta. The food quality here is pretty high, and everything is delicious. The slice of toast comes piled high with ripe banana slices and is dripping with Nutella; as everyone knows, anything with fruit is healthy. The egg sandwich is simple, but the ciabatta bread is super fresh and buttery, so we could have just eaten the bread and been happy. Portions are decent; we wish the toast came with two slices instead of one, but we were pleasantly surprised at the size of the sandwich as well as the amount of egg on it. Although the prices are all under $10, we still feel that Fuel America is a little more expensive than your typical café. We’ll still be back for a future coffee/snack fix!

Leigh Fishback
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