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Figaro's Revere Beach

It turns out the strip at Revere Beach is freaking adorable and Figaro's and its ocean-side views follows suit. The super casual restaurant is perfect for a tasty brunch after a stroll on the beach. The restaurant is tiny, like 6 tables total tiny and has an open kitchen so patrons can see (and hear) directly into the kitchen. The owner/ lead chef Rosie is a boisterous, energetic lady who can be heard making conversation w her "regulars" and even bringing customers their food herself. The menu is of average size and has some out-of-this world options like Cinnamon Roll French Toast and the Sweet Lil Piggy both pictured here. The food quality is average and pretty much what you'd expect from a casual, open-kitchen restaurant like Figaro's. The taste however is above and beyond. The Sweet Lil Piggy sandwich, which has sausage, bacon, ham and two eggs topped with strawberry sriracha sauce offers a perfect blend of sweet and salty flavors. The Cinnamon Roll French Toast is fucking amazing. We mean come on, look at that thing. The caramel marshmellow topping tastes like sugar heaven laid a top a perfectly soft ciabatta toast. So basically it's a French Toast-gasm. In comparison the eggs are pretty boring and nothing special. The homefries however are great; perfectly crisp and well seasoned without being overly salty. We even dipped ours in the French toast sauce, which was awesome. The prices are great with nearly everything being under $12. Portion size is good, especially if you get the French toast. The mimosas are yummy too (berry punch mimosa featured) and wicked strong 👌🏼

Alie Sockol
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