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Earl's Kitchen & Bar

Earls Kitchen + Bar has hands down one of the tastiest brunches we have tried in a long time. With a modern atmosphere, open patio, and double bar areas, this restaurant is certainly the gem of the Assembly Row shopping area. The staff are as friendly as can be, and superb service is certainly something we noted. We started our brunch experience off with a few Palermos, their signature cocktail for August (priced at a steal- $5). The drink featured tequila, grapefruit soda, lime and a slated rim, which left us refreshed and ready to eat. The brunch menu is smaller than most, but changes seasonally. It features key brunch items, such as eggs Benedict, French toast, etc. with a few staple brunch sides. Their prices for drinks and main courses are certainly a steal comparative to other restaurant of its caliber in the Boston area. For our main brunch courses we chose the avocado super brunch and the steak and eggs. The avocado super brunch features a fresh side salad and toast topped with avocado, tomatoes, poached eggs and radish garnish. It is fresh, filling, and an avocado lovers dream. For your "meat and potatoes" brunchers, the steak and eggs is an excellent choice. Cooked perfectly and served with large portions, this meal left our tastebuds in overdrive. We truly loved the pairing of steak with bacon jam and avocado! We could not be more excited to partner with @earlsbostonar on our upcoming #brunchfit block party or to try their new location opening up in the prudential center area.

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Grady Erickson