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Darwins Ltd. Mass Ave

Darwin's Ltd. is a staple Cambridge coffee shop dating back to the early nineties. They have three locations throughout Cambridge, each a little different but all amazing. This review is for the Mass Ave location, which is located smack dab in the middle of MIT and Inman Square. The smallest of the three locations, seating here is limited to bar style along a narrow hall and at the windows. We estimate about 20 people can sit at once, however, unlike its sister location on Mt. Auburn Street, this Darwin's does not get as jam-packed, so there is reasonable hope you can sit and enjoy your meal. The menu is full of enticing breakfast sandwiches as well as endless "make-your-own" options, pastries, and salads; not to mention an unbelievable assortment of coffee and teas. Shown here is the Hamilton, a tasty concoction of fried eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese (we switched to goat cheese), red onion and tomato) on your choice of bread (we went with the homemade gf brioche). Spotted in the background is a large almond milk cappuccino 👌🏼. The food quality is good; nothing to lose your mind over but certainly appropriate for a coffee shop brunch. One of the more notable attributes of a Darwin's breakfast sammy is the size. We've eaten here several times and can assure you these sandwiches are HUGE. You won't leave hungry but if somehow you still need more, any of their pasties will do the trick! The food taste is good to very good depending on what you get. For example, we recommend avoiding the tuna as it's far too dry for our liking but the Hamilton and many of the other sandwiches we've had are delicious! The coffee is truly exceptional. They use two unique methods to roast their own brews, and the passion they infuse into each cup is apparent from the first sip. Prices are reasonable with sandwiches ranging between $7- $10. For excellent coffee, yummy food and a trendy, hipster atmosphere check out Darwin's!

***rating not comparable to full sit down restaurant

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