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Based on their online menu and out-of-this-world looking Bloody Mary bar, brunch at Coppersmith appears like an obvious good choice. However, don't be fooled- their online presence is misleading. The onsite menu is a shadow of what's listed online and has only five brunch items (all the rest are standard lunch entrees), which are all egg options. Not to mention when we came, which was one hour after brunch opening, they were already out of one item! The atmosphere at Coppersmith on the other hand is everything; we mean it's truly incredible and presents an opportunity for a wonderful experience. The general feel is industrial with large open doors leading outside, an inside food truck, fun lighting and decor and a rustic warehouse-modern-chic vibe. Kudos to the designer of this rustic-glam space! The bloody bar further adds to the exceptional atmosphere and is impressively diverse. Sadly, everything else is down hill from here. Let us start with the food. The portion sizes as you can see (corned beef hash and egg shakshuka with side of homefries pictured here) are tiny. Usually we prefer large portions for brunch, but hey, maybe if the food tastes orgasmic we'd let it slide. This however, is far from the case. The flavor of the food isn't bad but is so greasy (especially the corned beef hash) that its nearly inedible. We actually had to stop eating it because we were getting sick from all the grease! The side of homefries are awful- dry, soft and crumbly without any significant flavor. It's ironic that the meat is so greasy and the homefries so dry; we think they're a little confused. The final blow is the prices, which for the tiny portions and greasy ass food are way too high! We dropped $15 for each of these entrees and left feeling a bit sick and still hungry. Our takeaway of Coppersmith is this: the atmosphere is perfect and their Bloody Mary bar absolutely follows suit. So, grab yourself brunch elsewhere then head over with the crew for drinks.

Alie Sockol
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