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Coolidge Corner Clubhouse

Coolidge Corner Clubhouse is an awesome sports bar on Harvard Street with what seems like a one-to-one tv to patron ratio. So although small, the atmosphere is ideal for sports viewing and enjoying no-frills brunch with a group of buddies. The menu is shockingly large and filled with an assortment of American brunch staples like corned beef hash, chicken and waffles, buttermilk pancakes of varying flavors and about a million (slight exaggeration) other typical brunch entrées. Pictured here is The Hangover Omelette and the Chilaquiles con Juevos (as recommended by our server). While the portion sizes are huge, the food itself is lack-luster. It's of pretty "meh" quality and taste with no strong flavors or spice. The homefries sadly follow suit on being bland and are under cooked. When we come back we'll try some of their sweeter options like the chocolate berry waffles 😍. The brunch cocktails are good and come in massive (talking 16 oz) sizes. So, while we don't recommend Coolidge Corner Clubhouse exclusively for their brunch, if you're looking for a fun environment to watch a sports game, drink and enjoy a huge menu of brunch options, it just might be your spot.

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