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Clink is inside an old Boston jailhouse and still has the original bars and some of the walls intact. So to say the atmosphere is unique is an understatement. They've done a great job of making the space bright and modern so while the jail theme is present, you don't feel imprisoned. We'd never brunched at Clink before and we're thrilled to be invited.

The menu is of small/ medium size and is composed of fancy brunch entrees. So don't come here thinking you'll get a make-your-own omelette; this high-class establishment is more about the duck and waffle confit, which let us assure you is fucking awesome. The food quality is very high, and clearly cooked by top-level chefs who actually give a shit about what they're putting on your plate. But, that being said when you come go for the more decadent options like the waffles, pancakes or quesadillas. The corned beef hash, while very high quality resembles more of a dinner meal and the eggs Benny is good, but doesn't have a special zing like some of the other items we tried. The waffle cheesecake dish that will be added to the menu soon that literally blew our brains. It's perfectly creamy, sweet, fruit infused and crispy... the only appropriate word here; sinful. The portion sizes are also really good, just enough to fill you up but not so much that you need to be wheeled home 👌🏼. The prices are not cheap, at all. But, the atmosphere and food quality warrant the prices. They also happen to have an out-of-this-world Bloody Mary bar that we crushed. Absolutely get a bloody when you come!

Alie Sockol
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