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Cityside Bar

Cityside Bar is located in the busy center of Cleveland Circle. The décor is extremely simple and modern, with huge wall-to-wall windows that make the ambiance bright and open. Based on the additional upstairs dining area, two large bars, and TV’s everywhere, we assume the restaurant’s most popular time and purpose is game-days. The brunch menu is of medium size; there are a few diverse options that stand out, such as the Italian frittata and Croque Madame, but aside from that all the food is typical American fare. We LOVE the prices which are all on the low side, especially the brunch drinks, which are a good $4-$5 cheaper than what you’d find anywhere downtown—major plus. The portion sizes are great, but the actual food quality and taste are both average. We’re a huge fan of the fore-mentioned frittata, which is a delicious, cheesy blend of pancetta, artichoke, and roasted tomato on an open face omelet. You also can’t go wrong with their breakfast burrito, because a combo of eggs, beans, and pico-de-gallo is impossible to turn down. The hashbrowns that come with the meals look deceptively yummy, but are disappointingly bland. The service quality is also a bit questionable. After sending back an incorrect omelet order we were brought a “new one” which after close examination was determined to be the exact same omelet we’d sent back! Like same plate, same wrong food, same bite taken out of it from our initial sample. Fortunately they took it off our bill, but come on. Despite one bad and hopefully rare experience, Cityside is an overall decent place for brunch, especially if you’re coming to watch a game or for the “boozy brunch” experience.

Leigh Fishback
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