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Cafe Luna

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the best brunch we've had thus far in Boston, Cafe Luna. We'd tried with no avail to come here for the past two years and finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and get up early to go. The pleasant experience starts immediately when upon arrival you're greeted cheerfully and given coffee to sip while you wait outside (could be a long wait so take the coffee). Next, insert the menu, or shall we say the holy grail of everything heavenly and perfect for brunch. Like seriously, oh my god! Every single thing on this menu makes your mouth water to the point we had to consult our waiter for a solid 20 minutes as to what we should order. It's legit too overwhelming to sort through all the feasible options solo. At some point you have to just decide on something, but be assured whatever you get will be un-fucking-believable. Let's start with the pancakes. It's hard to make pancakes exceptionally good because they are all pretty much the same for the most part. Not these. These pancakes have ricotta cheese mixed into the batter making them the most moist, well concocted, perfectly sweet pancakes we've ever tasted. They don't even need syrup on them! The eggs; these took us back to our west coast brunchin in Tahoe. The hash/veggie/sausage/egg ratio is on point as is whatever seasoning they use to make flavor ooze with each bite. So fresh, so tasty, SO filling. Lastly, the corned beef hash. We thought we nailed it last week at Park with their corned beef hash benny, but no. This corned beef is slow cooked for 24 hours before being made in to what is a savory mush of meaty potato goodness. Do yourself a favor and get a side of this! The prices are great, the staff is knowledgable, cheerful and have pride and a refreshing zeal for their work that makes the overall experience here A+. They don't serve hard alcohol so you'll have to skip out on the screwdriver or bloody this time, but treat yourself to an extra mimosa to wash down those berry-liscious pancakes you'll be devouring.

Alie Sockol
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