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Buttermilk & Bourbon

Buttermilk & Bourbon is a Cajun restaurant near Copley Square located in the garden level space below the businesses running along Comm Ave. The restaurant boasts a huge outdoor seating area with couches that make you want to stay longer than you may have anticipated. Inside you’ll find several rooms that offer a taste of the voodoo-driven Cajun spirit that is tough to find this far north. It really is hard deciding to sit inside or outside as both offer such different vibes. The menu also portrays food you would find in the bayou, such as: beignets, shrimp and crawfish frittata, and crab benedict. As is the case at a lot of restaurants recently, the food is served tapas style. However, Buttermilk & Bourbon provides portions far greater than most tapas restaurants, so for the price, and outstanding quality of the ingredients, you are getting a good deal. The fried chicken is juicy and tender, the crab is sweet and bright, and the biscuits taste like they were fresh out of the oven (heaven’s oven)! The dishes taste like a grandma with a culinary arts education made them; as each dish has a traditional base enhanced with a modern flare. For instance, the fried chicken is crispy and moist like you want, and is served with a Cajun butter and savory waffle that round out the dish and let the chicken shine. The hollandaise sauce on the crab benedict is spicy and rich and way more flavorful than your standard hollandaise. Buttermilk & Bourbon offers a variety of dishes as well, including brunch cocktails that are not to be overlooked!

Grady Erickson