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Brick wall kitchen
Brick Wall Kitchen

Brick Wall Kitchen is a small, locally owned neighborhood café in Brookline. Although the outside of the café is unassuming, the feeling upon entering can be described in one word: community. The service is above and beyond friendly, and you can tell that the owner is truly passionate about his work. On the “brick wall” in the restaurant, pieces from local artists are hung and offered up for sale. The inside is intimate with only about six tables, but the traffic of patrons coming through is steady, so it never seems overly crowded. The menu is an average size, and filled with unique twists on typical American dishes, like the French Toast Breakfast Sandwich or the Lentil Platter. There’s a perfect balance of savory & sweet options, so we went with one of each. The Fraiche Toast is two thick pieces of fluffy French toast on top of each other, and in between them is a creamy fraiche filling with strawberries and tarragon. The breakfast sandwiches are amazing, complete with soft, fresh pastries and flavorful cheese that oozes over the side. The ingredients taste so fresh that you almost feel like you’re eating healthy! Portion sizes depend on what makes sense for each dish, so it varies; aka the Fraiche Toast is ginormous, while the breakfast sandwich is, you know, the size of normal a breakfast sandwich. Prices are great, with almost all dishes being under $10, aside from a few standout options like the Deluxe Crab Cakes. If you’re in the area, go check out Brick Wall Kitchen to support a small local business, while brunching in a relaxing atmosphere.

Leigh Fishback
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