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Blue Lobster Grille

Everything about the charming seaport town of Rockport, including this gem of a place is a blast from the past in the best way possible. The dining room overlooks a boat filled ocean and rocky landscape that looks untouched from 100 years ago. The menu is medium sized and filled with all the basics, plus a few seafood specialties (like lobster infused omlettes and Benny's). The portions are huge, filling the plate with delicious and fresh tasting food. The homefries are on point and the maple pecan French toast will blow you its actually sinful how good it is. The biggest blast from the past about this place though, are the prices, which look like they haven't changed since 1985. We're talking under $8 for high quality, delicious and plentiful food. Plus you get to enjoy unbeatable ocean views while dining here. Definitely this place is a go-to if you're heading to the North Shore!

Alie Sockol
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