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Bistro du Midi

Bistro du Midi is a French inspired bistro located across from the Public Garden on Boylston Street. It's a fancy schmancy eatery with a fabulous little patio that we were lucky enough to dine on. Although considerably fancy and high-class the brunch food prices are surprisingly reasonable with most items falling under $20. The drinks however are a bit over the top. For example, the bouillabaisse Bloody Mary, which costs $17, must be avoided at all costs. It literally tastes like a someone took dead fish, squeezed out the juices, mixed it with some tomato juice and vodka and then served it in a glass with a prawn head. No joke, see two posts back for reference. Fortunately the L'italienne cocktail is MUCH better with a nice blend of sweetness and a touch of biter. The food itself is very good and of high quality. We enjoyed the Croque Monsieur, mushroom omelette, salmon Benedict, side of fries, fennel and potato pancakes and a Caesar salad. We recommend ordering sides when coming here because the entrees don't come with homefries or toast 😏. However, the fries are fucking crack. They are doused in a spicy/salty seasoning that makes them irresistible and are fried to crispy perfection. Annoyingly they cost an extra $8 but are definitely worth it. The Croque Monsieur is delightfully authentic with its perfect cheese to ham ratio and small bites size. You'll easily transport from a patio on Boylston to one on Champs E'lyses with each bite. The omelette follows suit in being a delicacy. Although seemingly simple, the omelette is bursting with flavor (butter to be exact). The salmon Benedict is not overly heavy with exceptionally well cooked salmon and buttery toast (instead of English muffin). The portion sizes are relatively small and aside from a side salad come with no additions, so getting additional small plates is a must. We recommend both the fennel potato pancakes and the French fries!

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