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Beat Brasserie

The Beat Brasserie is one of the most unique brunch places in the Boston area. The atmosphere is without a doubt one of our all time favorites with a stage for live music, funky chandeliers, walls painted with murals and an overall artsy-chic vibe that's relaxed and stimulating at the same time (we'll post some atmosphere pics in a subsequent post). The brunch menu is medium sized and concocted of unique entrees like the eggs shakshuka pictured here, which is a heavenly mush of African decent that is nothing short of a culinary orgasm. It should be noted though, that if you're pallet is partial to standard American diner food, this is not the place for you. The food itself is of high quality and as mentioned is very tasty. Our only complaint is that the portion sizes are fairly small and so if you come here starving order two meals or you'll leave still hungry. The cocktails are also unique and tasty and do the trick, if you catch our drift. Prices are pretty standard for the quality of food, nothing to really get excited over but not break the bank steep.

Alie Sockol
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