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Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro

Beacon hill is about as charming as it gets, and this little bistro nestled on Beacon Hill's most famous street certainly gets credit for atmosphere. It's a quaint, quiet spot though, so more a "catching up w an old colleague" brunch spot than a boozy brunch spot. The menu is lackluster; almost like they tried too hard to be fancy and forgot that brunch can be awesome when it's simple. But that being said, they do have some good options and have basics like pancakes and an egg sandwich. The food itself is of excellent quality with appropriate portion size. The taste is good, not knock it out of the park amazing, but satisfying and enjoyable to eat. The prices are surprisingly reasonable given the good quality, atmosphere and location. Overall a totally decent brunch destination. Oh and P.S the bloody is good.

Alie Sockol
Alie square