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Back Bay Social Club

The upstairs atmosphere at Back Bay Social Club is inviting, lively, sophisticated and overall a place one would want to come to socialize, as the name suggests. The downstairs where we sat, not so much. So first lesson learned; if you're going to come here for brunch sit upstairs. The menu itself is small, with several traditional egg options and different waffle combinations among other things. It also has a "make your own omelette" section, which always grabs our attention. The eggs and ingredients in the omelettes are fresh and filling. The homefries are a bit greasy, but overall the food tastes good- nothing really stands out as being particularly great or bad. The prices match the food quality, and so they are slightly higher than average but nothing alarming. The portion sizes are pretty standard, meaning there is enough food on the plate but not so much that you can't finish it. The Bloody Mary follows suit in the "good" category.

Alie Sockol
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