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àVERT Brassiere

àVERT Brassiere is a cozy French restaurant located two hours south of Boston in West Hartford, CT. The moment you walk in, you immediately feel like you are whisked away at a café in Paris. It has that certain je ne sais quoi (pun intended) that makes it very appealing. The menu is of medium size and offers a wide variety of egg and sweet options such the Croque Monsieur (or Madame) and the French toast pictured here. The Classic French toast topped with berries and walnuts is heaven on a plate. It is made with brioche bread that is unbelievably delicious, soft and buttery. We'd eat it all day every day if we could and not get fat. The Croque Madame, a classic French breakfast item, comes with fresh ham layered between two thick-sliced pieces of toast and every ounce is smothered in cheesy goodness. This item is perfect for all the cheese lovers out there! The fried egg is optional but we recommend asking for it. A major plus is that àVERT Brassiere uses locally sourced ingredients and the food quality is very high. The portions are huge and the prices are extremely reasonable with everything ranging between $10-15. You will definitely leave full and satisfied without breaking the bank here.

Caroline Pacewicz
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