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Anthem Kitchen + Bar

Anthem Kitchen and Bar is right in the bustling center of Faneuil Hall. For being in such a tourist-heavy area, the brunch scene at this upscale pub is fairly quiet. Greenhouse-style windows line the wall and ceilings giving the restaurant an open and airy feeling, which is extremely relaxing especially on a sunny day. To drink, you can choose a “bucket of bubbles” with mini champagne bottles and your own carafe of orange juice, or a multitude of other cocktails, such as the Bellini (pomegranate, peach, pear, or blood orange). The entree menu is small to medium sized, and mostly filled with typical egg options like the breakfast sandwich, three-egg omelet, and juevos rancheros benny. Since the appetizer options on the menu are extremely limited, don’t hesitate to choose one from the lunch menu, such as the spicy onion dip with warm, crunchy house-made chips that we indulged in. Even though there’s not a ton of brunch uniqueness on the menu, everything is delicious regardless, and made with very high quality ingredients. The egg on the breakfast burger is poached to perfection, and sits on top of a juicy beef burger, bacon, and melted cheddar, all squished together with a yolk-soaked Portuguese muffin. The extra side of hollandaise that they provide makes the burger even more buttery and decadent. The breakfast potatoes are seasoned well, but aren’t nearly crispy enough for our taste. Portion sizes are average, but will still leave you feeling full. Prices vary based on the dish but are still on the slightly higher side, with the average dish being around $15; we suppose you pay for the fab location!

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