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Amrheins Restaurant + Bar

Amrheins is a long-standing South Boston pub. Mostly known for their old school American classics, this restaurant gives off an early 1900s vibe. The space is decorated with classic wooden furniture and historic photographs lining the wall. Their brunch entrée menu is extremely small, with around 6 different options. Although it’s small, they manage to squeeze in some diversity and cater to different palettes, mixing in a few carb and egg options. A bonus is that they do have an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet for $14. It’s nice as an add-on to the smaller menu, but it’s still nothing extravagant or high quality. They offer pastries, fruit, meats, home fries, scrambled eggs, plus breakfast quesadillas. We definitely had a packed and random-looking plate after visiting the buffet (see previous post). As far as the main entrée menu goes, the A Street Sandwich is a winning and tasty combo of a sausage patty, fried egg, pepper jack, lettuce and tomato. This is delicious, and not overly heavy or filling. The home fries are slightly disappointing—a bit soggy and not well seasoned. The frittata is a relatively plain dish that comes cooked with mixed vegetables and melted feta cheese. Although the vegetables and cheese taste fresh, the eggs are of average quality and not cooked with much flair or flavor. The portions of all entrees are a decent, “good-enough” size. Aside from the brunch buffet option, most dishes are right around $11, which makes sense for the portion size and food itself.

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