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Allston Diner

Oh Allston Diner, you mean so well, but you are so incredibly nasty. For starters, the diner itself feels dirty and unkempt, almost as if they are going for the retro vibe a little too hard and just haven't cleaned since 1974. Before you even open the menu, forgo the offered coffee. Seriously DO NOT TAKE IT, it is equivalent to that nasty water-coffee they serve on airplanes! Fortunately with the menu, things start looking a bit up. It's absolutely enormous and is by far the most allergy, vegan and otherwise "odd" food habits accommodating menu we've seen thus far. The prices are also very cheap with nearly everything landing under $10.The food portions however are small and the food itself is nothing special. We mean, don't get us wrong, the food isn't terrible but it's definitely average at best. Also, let it be noted that the "homefries" are chips. They actually taste great but we mean, come on, those aren't homefries!

Alie Sockol
Alie square