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Acacia House Inn

There's few options for brunch (or anything else) in Bar Harbor, Maine come late fall because most of the businesses are closed for the season. So sadly, we couldn't try some of the great sounding places our followers suggested. Instead, we headed to Acacia House Inn, a historic 19th century home that's been converted into an adorable bed and breakfast. Things look pretty up upon arrival, where you'll enter a warm, charming dining room with no more than 10 tables and traditional New England decor all around. The menu looks incredible with pairings that seem too good to be true and authentically Maine, like the Maine crab cake Benedict pictured above. The prices are also appealing with most items being under $10. Unfortunately the praise of this brunch ends here. The waitress, who clearly has spent too much time waiting tables in Bar Harbor is so unpleasant the entire dining room shudders when she approaches. The food, which we thought would be amazing based on the menu descriptions is actually quit bland, with tiny portions. The eggs don't even come with homefries and taste like some close-to-raw vegetables are aimlessly thrown in with them. Luckily we had a bag of pretzels in the car, because we left here hungry.

Alie Sockol
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