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Acacia Fillo Bar

This past week we visited a friend in Vancouver who insisted on taking us to a Bulgarian brunch spot called Acacia Fillo Bar. To be honest we had no idea what Bulgarian food is and given the restaurant's unassuming street presence, our expectations were set low. The menu at Acacia Fillo Bar is packed with a variety of bennys, Breakfast fillos, which are like a Bulgarian version of blintzes stuffed with anything you want and rolled in fillo dough, and banitzas, which are Bulgarian Fillo pies filled with heaven (meat, veggies, cheese etc). Naturally, we tried one of each including the smoked salmon benny, veggie breakfast Fillo and the meat Banitza called a Burek. Holy effing shit. Bulgarian Fillo is AMAZING! Firstly, the dough itself is perfectly flakey, buttery and melts in your mouth. It's almost irrelevant what you chose to go inside either the breakfast Fillo or the Banitza because it will definitely taste delicious. The seasoning the use are unique in taste and give off a combination flavor of sweet, spicy and salty all at once. The smoked salmon benny is also incredible, mostly because Pacific North West salmon is everything and beyond. If you like smoked salmon, you need to come here. We know this sounds ridiculous after hearing how good the fillos and salmon are but, the best part of brunch at Acacia Fillo Bar hands down is the hash. It's a blend of mushy sweet potatoes and crispy spuds mixed in the magical spice combo referenced above. No ketchup or hot sauce needed on these bad boys; that Bulgarian flavor speaks for itself. The portion sizes are large enough to fill you up but not have you leaving grossly full. The prices are amazing because just about everything is under $10, and that's in Canadian money!!!!! Overall, Acacai Fillo Bar is a must try when traveling to Vancouver.

Alie Sockol
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